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Digital_Cintiq 16_PhotoShop_Hard Pencil
Hardcopy size: about 22" x 30"

This drawing debuts the couple I use for my cycle of drawings about the primeval origins of the cosmic forces and theogony of ancient Greek religion and culture ("Sunflowers in Moonlight," "Hemera," "In These Metal Days," and "Ether").

I had returned from a vacation on the North Carolina coast near Wilmington. Along this coast, miles of sandy beaches seem to stretch to infinity--so unlike New Hampshire's and Maine's rugged, rocky, cove-like coastline near where I grew up--and the flora, palm trees and live oaks, they aren't native to the Piedmont and certainly don't grow in New England.

The weather was spectacular, bright blue skies and azure colored seas. I used this marvelous, relaxing setting--palmetto included! For my couple who ought to be frolicking and doing other fun things, but no! In contrast to their peaceful surroundings, they are embroiled in an intense conversation.