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Daniel's Dream
Daniel's Dream
Digital_Cintiq 24 Pro_PhotoShop_Hard Pencil
Hardcopy size: about 22" x 30"

Beauty and wonder inspired by a meditation upon form, space, light, and abstraction, more than the primordial elements/forces/entities of ancient Greek religion, are the impetus for this suite of digital artworks. In all my artworks, be they digital or paintings per se, I am most interested in exploring the beauty and marvelous complexity of human structure. Ideas related to beauty and structure I examine and develop with equal alacrity: Abstraction, light, color, space and depth, volume, materiality (albeit there is no touch sense in digital art), sensuousness (as opposed to sensuality), sensuality, description, and mood I think are expansive ideas, as opposed to ones the contemporary art world seems to value. Exploring ideas, such as storytelling or sociopolitical content, are a distant second. Like poetry I want my art to allude to the ineffable of the visible and visual worlds and to be expansive—not to be contained or restricted by a certain set of prosaic ideas or by words or by emphasizing one interpretation over another. I despair that my writing about my art limits what I truly want it to be: Expansive—wonderous, magical, uplifting, spiritual, and eternal. I want to convey feeling: Feeling with one’s eyes and feeling with one’s heart. Abstraction coupled with the penetration of the visible world is my quest, transforming the visual into the visual. To penetrate the earthbound so that the spirit can soar is the goal. More prosaic ideas, such as climate change, sexual identify, gender identity, colonialism, diversity and equity, etc. of course are very important, but seem much too limiting, vexing, and contrary to what I think are the greatest goals of art.

Thus, “Daniel’s Dream” does not depict or refer directly to Ancient Greek primordial personifications, but I hope to conjure the spirit that created these fundamental cosmic forces.

A dead tree, a kite floundering, heat, bright light, water quietly encroaching on land, languor, love, abstract and recognizable shapes and colors become independent entities and cooperate in quietly to communicate feelings that I can only allude to visually because I am not poet per se. (I’m thinking of “The Force that Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower” by Dylan Thomas). Sun, sand, and heat, encourage Daniel’s slumber and dreaming. Has the environment caused Daniel to dream? Or has his dream created this world?