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Digital_Cintiq 16_PhotoShop_Hard Pencil
Hardcopy size: about 22" x 30"

This drawing debuts the woman model I have used for so many of my digital drawings. She is the same model I used for all my artworks about the primeval cosmic forces that created all the Greek gods: "Sunflowers in Moonlight," "Hemera," "In These Metal Days," "Ether," and "Foam." I also use her for "Form," "Format," "Becca" and "Rhoda."

This is the only digital drawing in which I do not use a toned background layer, so, when I used the digital eraser brush, it revealed the color white. I used the eraser quite a bit to carve out the space around her, to tweak values, and to accent highlights.

Toward the end of this drawing, it dawned on me that I could use a white, digital colored pencil in addition to the eraser. I tried it, and found that it was better for tweaking values than the eraser and for creating reflected light. I realized, also late in the drawing, that pastel colors were sometimes better than white pencil at recreating the richness of reflected light on the shadow side of the body, because I could use the same color as the source of the reflected light and thus reduce the risk of over-tinting or "washing out" an area with too much white.