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Thea the Thinker, Tone
Thea the Thinker, Tone
Digital_Cintiq 24 Pro_PhotoShop_Hard Pencil
Printed copy = 36" in the longer dimension

“Thea the Thinker, Tone” is Layer 14 of “Thea the Thinker, Line and Tone.” In it, I used broad areas of tone, tonal patches, and planar swatches. I typically use very few layers to make my digital art, but for the “Thea” series, each layer shows step-by-step how I made this tonal variant from start to finish. I used it as a demonstration and lecture for my digital painting course at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Spring 2024.

In my variant of this artwork, “Thea, Line and Tone,” I incorporate cross contour lines that wrap around and across the body to describe its terrain and thus amplify its volume. I use these lines rhythmically, too, to create movement, flow, energy, etc. through body and into the surrounding space.