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Snowy-Fingered Iris
Snowy-Fingered Iris
Digital_Cintiq 24 Pro_PhotoShop_Hard Pencil
Printed copy = 36" in the longer dimension

This artwork is a scene from the narrative sequence of digital paintings that include: “Snowy-fingered Iris,” “Iris’s Dream,” Valentine,” “Within Without,” and “Iris’s Early Light.” For the narrative sequence per se, I grouped these paintings into one image, much like a comic’s panel, entitled “Mother of the Muses.”

"Snowy-Fingered Iris" alludes to the Ancient Greek epithet for 'morning' or 'dawn': "rosy-fingered dawn" or "rose-fingered dawn" found in "The Iliad" and other Ancient Greek epic poems.

'Dawn' is also a woman's name, and of course so is 'Iris.' So, I decided to name my artwork "Snowy-Fingered Iris" instead of "Snow-Fingered Dawn" or Rosy-Fingered Dawn" since hero is named Iris. Since I set this scene in a cold and snowy environment, in stark contrast to Iris's dreams that occur in the tropics.

The cats from this digital painting, "Iris's Dream," "Valentine," and "Iris's Early Light" are my boys Daphnis and Valentine!