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Within Without
Within Without
Digital_Cintiq 24 Pro_PhotoShop
Printed copy = 36" in the longer dimension

“Within Without” is the ‘hub,’ so to speak, of my narrative sequence that connects all the other scenes of “Mother of the Muses.” Five separate digital paintings, including "Within/Without" create "Mother of the Muses:" “Snowy-Fingered Iris,” “Iris’s Dream,” “Within Without,” “Valentine,” and “Iris’s Early Light.”

“Within Without” concentrates our attention on the portrait of our protagonist Iris. In "Mother of the Muses" she is in the center and small--contrary to her actual importance--all the other images/scenes/events/dreams revolve around her. This scale and positioning suggests that she is not merely the carrier or transmitter of someone else's messages, her typical role as the Messenger God of Zeus, but is the receiver of messages that she or someone else created just for her.